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Over 12 years of experience overseeing complex telecommunications systems for leading companies, Engineering with excellent experience in telecommunication and IT service delivery, project, program, technical support, solution on RAN/LRAN and front office management. Proven record of proactive technical outreach to bolster the success, performance, and security of organizations. Experienced across all tiers of telecommunications administration and support, from first-tier technical support to high-level direction of network architecture (2G/WiMAX/3G/LTE), and able to provide relevant guidance and mentoring to fellow technicians. Extensive exposure to high-volume customer care throughout the career, including 24/7 operations, and able to adapt experience to meet the needs of any corporation.
Project Management
Employee Training
Installation & Maintenance
Network Architecture
Wired & Wireless Networks
Process Optimization
Vendor Negotiations
Network Security
FCC Regulations & Compliance
2014 - PresentNAK Company  Tehran, Iran
2014 – PresentTelecommunications Engineering Manager
Responsible for managing 120 engineer as front office manager. Promoted in 2014 to oversee the design and development of telecommunication systems for NAK headquarters with 1200 employees as front office manager. Have been integral in several high-profile projects to advance the monitoring and quality of company's telecommunications network.

Highlighted Accomplishments:
  • Oversaw the design and implementation of new monitoring center in 2016 to enhance future scalability of customer care. Followed project through entire process, including design approval, sourcing of vendors, training, documentation, and installation.
  • Participated in a consulting committee responsible for reviewing existing security protocol, as part of company's campaign for maintaining strong network and data integrity. Recommended several key security updates which have increased data protections and reduced security breaches over past two years.
  • Led a contract review and bidding process for new hardware in 2015. Worked closely with vendors to negotiate competitive rates and offerings in line with allotted telecommunications budget, and presented findings to director for final decision.
  • Consulted on the expansion of customer care for as end to end service delivery task included Internal team management (mBB country wide:600 2G BTSs and 6000 3G NodeBs and 200 LTE eNodeBs).
2012 - 2014Mobinnet Company  Tehran, Iran
Telecommunications Engineering Manager
Responsible for managing the databases and software utilized by 17,000 NodeB as front office shift manager. Administered installations, updates, and maintenance to monitoring system in Mobinnet headquarters and FO. Held to very high security standards, due to the sensitive nature of customers' privacy and network up times, which were consistently exceeded during employment.

Highlighted Accomplishments:
  • Front office deputy manager
  • Front office shift manager
  • Supervise team of data analysts in testing the efficacy of front office data software and identifying possible security issues.
  • Review potential upgrades to existing software and determine the timing and implementation of changes to minimize downtime.
2009 - 2012Huawei Company 
Telecommunications Engineering Manager
Managed low and mid-level tickets for back office at monitoring center. Maintenance and troubleshooting as a routine activity and secure our SLA (Service-level agreement). Worked with other technical support departments on campus to distribute memos on network and security updates in a timely manner.

Highlighted Accomplishments:
  • Following the introduction of new wireless phone options for sales and executive customer support staff, developed new training resources to orient staff to new devices and procedures.
  • Integrated heightened security monitoring practices for calls and data traffic, which streamlined the identification of security issues and led to quicker response times to such cases.
  • Consulted on significant updates to ticketing system for technical requests, and led the implementation of new processes for triaging tickets related to telecommunications and dispatching technicians to address tickets.
Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) 
2007 – 2009Telecommunications Specialist
Administered installations, updates, and maintenance to the monitoring system in MTNIrancell headquarters and FO. Held to very high-security standards, due to the sensitive nature of customers' privacy and network up times, which were consistently exceeded during employment.

Highlighted Accomplishments:
  • Use online ticketing system to open and manage tickets.
  • Review issues with hardware and software, applying network with 55 million users.
  • Resolve individual issues with critical online services, such as network issue, account updates, and troubleshooting glitches.
2009Tier III Telecommunications Engineer
Responsible for overseeing the operations of telecommunications support department during first shift for a 24/7 front office monitoring center with over 500 employees. Reviewed open tickets from previous shifts and delegated tasks to lower tier technicians to achieve efficient and effective resolutions. Worked closely with Tier II technicians to address escalated issues and ensure that employees continue to retain network access during shift. Managed internal communications for planned network outages and security updates.
2008Tier II Telecommunications Engineer
Promoted to a higher support tier in 2008 following excellent performance and feedback from supervisors. Performed routine installations and maintenance of netowrk, and responded to any escalated tickets from Tier I technicians. Kept detailed records of ticket responses and system updates to ensure that subsequent shifts could follow-up adequately.
2007Tier I Telecommunications Engineer
Served as a first point of contact for employees with questions or technical support issues regarding their telecommunications equipment. Utilized interpersonal skills to understand clients' issues and educate them on solutions and best practices at telecommunications company and netowrks.
2007Islamic Azad University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology